Congratulations to LAW Alumni: Our actors have gone on to work in TV, Radio, Film and Theatre around the world!

Huge 2020 Congratulations to our actors who've recently gained representation from agents following our recent show reel show case: Cho Cho Khin, My Ly, Vishnu Krishnan, Richard Tidworth, Julian Folscher, Henry Mubiru (and in 2019 - Jenni Sannia, Raelene Goody, Yvonne Jeffrey, Megan Green & Santosh Baterjee)!

Parker Sawyers: Netflix TV’s ‘Pine Gap’ (2018), ‘World on Fire’ (2019)

Gugu Mbatha-Raw (MBE): ‘The Cloverfield Paradox’, ‘Motherless Brooklyn (2019)

Howard Corlett: ‘Outlander’, Starz TV’s ‘The Rook’ (2019)

Brad Moore: ‘Gloves Off’ (Winner - Best Feature National Film Awards 2019)

Lauren Cornelius: BBC Radio Drama Company 2018

Adele James: ‘Acceptable Damage’ (2019)

James Henri-Thomas: ‘Mission of Honour’ (2018), ‘Christmas Perfection’ (2018)