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"A terrific Show Case at The Cockpit on Dec 10th - 7 actors in meetings with agents this week!" Our actors have gone on to work in TV, Radio, Film & Theatre around the world! London Actors Workshop Weekend Acting for Film & TV Classes - next course with spaces available runs from Sunday 14th April to Sunday 30th June 2019. Show case on Monday 1st July. Will you be joining us?!

NEXT COURSE with availability begins on Sunday 14th April 2019, with our INDUSTRY SHOWCASE on 1st July 2019. BOOK NOW!

Classes run on Sunday mornings 10.30 – 1.30pm or afternoons 2.30 – 5.30pm at our studio in Covent Garden. There are 15 sessions over 12 weeks.

The showcase will be held at a London theatre and casting directors and agents will be invited to attend to see your work.

Casting Director Evenings: Please attend all three sessions if you can and you will get to work (cold reading or prepared scripts) in front of at least two of the three casting directors and be part of a Q&A session with the third.

London Actors Workshop flagship, 12 week acting workshop runs several times a year, typically January, April and September.

Please note that all tutors are working, industry professionals and therefore classes and tutors may be subject to change. Alternative tutors provide cover.

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London Actors Workshop 12 Week Course Timetable 14th April – June 30th 2019.

Showcase on 1st July at The Courtyard Theatre, London.

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Week 1: 14th April | Class: Introduction / Improvisation | Tutor: John Melainey – Actor / Tutor

Using John’s own ‘Leap before you look!’ tips and some Keith Johnstone inspired techniques, this class stimulates your imagination and gets you on your feet, thinking and reacting quickly.

Week 2: 21st April | Class: Screen Combat | Tutor: Bret Yont – Professional Fight Co-ordinator

Brett is a combat instructor much in demand and when not working on films such as Troy he coaches at RADA and Central, among others. Working from ‘safety first’ and ‘victim control’ the class is a refresher for those with combat experience and a concise introduction for novices to slaps, punches, strangulation, hair/ear pulling! Beat up your fellow actors……..but safely!

Week 3: 28th April | Class: Commercials Audition Technique | Tutor: John Melainey

John has regularly run casting sessions for Hubbard Casting and knows all the pitfalls that even the most seasoned actors can fall into. We’ll work with scripts form real TV adverts and cover all the ‘dos and don’ts’, ensuring you make the absolute most of your audition ‘opportunity’.

Week 4: 5th May | Class: Shakespeare & Voice | Tutor: Endy McKay – Actor/Tutor RSC

Endy’s enthusiasm for the bard is infectious. With her experience of the Royal Shakespeare Company, as both actor and tutor, she will demystify Shakespeare and show how his work, language and themes are as relevant as ever to today’s drama.

 Lunchtime Headshots/Show Case Flyer session: (optional) £20. 1.30pm – 4pm. Afternoon class will start and finish 90 minutes later than usual and run from 4pm – 7pm.

Week 5: 12th May | Class: Acting for Film and TV | Tutor: John Melainey

Building on the previous week’s work you’ll study John’s sight reading for camera techniques and perform a ‘screen test’ of your previously learned script (script sent to you in Week 4)

Week 6: 19th May | Class: Method Acting Part One| Tutor: Daniel Dresner

Actor/tutor/life coach Daniel is well versed in the techniques of Stanislavsky and we’ll work with some sensory amd memory excercises to begin or further your ‘Method’ exporation.

followed by evening session “Cold Reading Pieces + Q&A” (6pm – 9pm) with Casting Director Carl Proctor ( In the first of our Casting Director evenings, working in pairs, Carl will give you ten minutes with a script, you’ll perform and he’ll give feedback. Please check each CD’s website prior to meeting with them.

Week 7: 26th May Class: Method Acting – Part Two | Tutor: Ariella Eshed

Continuing the inner exploration of your craft. Director/tutor Ariella has worked for years with Uta Hagen and Michael Chekhov techniques. We’ll use monologues to bring these skills out of you!


Week 8: 2nd June | Class: Sight-Reading Technique| Tutor: Jon Sidgwick

Jon has an extensive CV as an actor and tutor and will help you to ‘lift the words from the page’ and bring to life a script seen only moments before, a skill which is more and more in demand in both TV/film and theatre casting.

followed by evening session “Performing Prepared Scripts + Q&A” (6pm – 9pm) Casting Director Caley Powell ( ). You will have been sent scripts by Caley and given a partner to read with. If your assigned partner is absent someone else will read in for them.


Week 9: 9th June | Class: Showcase Duologues Rehearsals Part One| Tutor: John Melainey

You’ll have been assigned a script & scene partner in Week 7 and today you’ll ‘Block’ the moves with John in class, scripts in hand.

Though we will expect you to have learned them as best as possible, today is more about walking through the scene than actually going ‘all out’ with the acting.


Week 10: 16th June | Class: Acting in ‘Films’ / British Dramas | Tutor: Daniel Dresner – Actor / Tutor

Your first day on set working with a team of regular cast members. How do you excel when you land that guest/leading role in a TV drama or ‘soap’? We’ll work on script analysis, ‘camera eye’, hitting your marks and more.

followed by evening session “Cold Reading Pieces + Q&A” (6pm – 9pm) with Casting Director Sharon Sorrentino ( ). In the final of our Casting Director evenings, working in pairs, Sharon will hand you unprepared scripts and put you through your paces.

Week 11: 23rd June | Class: Acting in Soaps/British Dramas | Tutor: Judith Quin

Continuing our on screen work, this time with actor, tutor, life coach Judith Quin, we’ll use snippets of your Show Case scripts to highlight the difference between playing for the camera and the stage.

Week 12: 30th June | Class: Showcase Dialogues – Rehearsal 2 | Tutor: John Melainey 

With a day to go before your public performance we’ll run the pieces in order and fine tune your work before transferring to the theatre.

1st July – Show Case at The Courtyard Theatre, London

Call time: 12pm – Morning Group / 2pm – Afternoon Group

Working through your pieces in the space.

Tech/dress rehearsal at 5.30pm. Doors open 7pm. Show time 7.30pm