December 2018 Show Case

Since 2005 we’ve now run forty 12 week Acting for Film & TV courses! Over 1200 actors have passed through our doors and learnt from the best tutors London has to offer.

Our most recent show case at The Cockpit in Edgware Road saw 24 actors strutting their stuff and they were on top form!

First of all, our actors displayed a great, professional attitude over the twelve weeks prior to the show case. They attended class each Sunday, learnt scripts, worked on their skills, CVs and social media profiles. They stepped up and took every opportunity to ‘get up and act’!

Similarly, the show case director and actors worked extremely hard during rehearsals. As a result, after only three rehearsals and some last minute tweeks, we had a really successful and impressive night!

We performed 12 entertaining scenes of comedy and drama. Some scenes were passionate, some hilarious, some sad, happy, bitter and sweet. In other words, a full variety of styles to capture the imagination. In this way we show cased the true potential of our diverse band of actors.

Angie Lieu & Darnell McWilliams brought truth and energy to a gritty domestic drama.

Elizabeth Wilson & Riz Khan played a hilarious couple of oddball characters meeting in a park.

Dominik Swat & Preslav Shipkaliev fought it out in a backstreet gambling den.

Regina Reigns & Jordan McLean played ‘cougar’ and prey in a ‘romance’ of sorts!

While Emily O’Mahony & Ian Hardman tried hard to get their love life back on track a sweet and tender drama!

It was a packed house of 100 guests with several agents in attendance and a great atmosphere at the after party!

You can watch our actors and hear their feedback at:

Two things were evident at the show case: the amount of talent on show and the great diversity of actors that are entering the industry. We always very lucky in having a very diverse group of actors with several nationalities in the group. There’s always a high interest in our actors, particularly our BAME (Black Asian and Minority Ethnic) actors. Some agencies are even starting their own BAME division for actors, such is the demand for diversity casting. BAME agencies are more and more popular. Our courses have always been very good in representing actors from all backgrounds and ages. This continues to attract agents to our show case!

By the end of the evening it was clear the actors had forged strong friendships, worthwhile and valuable in a tough profession.

Now, we all know, this business is extremely demanding and not everyone will be successful in gaining representation at their first show case. That said, we had an excellent industry turnout and interest from Agents for over half of our actors.

In the days and weeks afterwards several agencies invited actors to meetings in London. These included Emeline Lambert, Preslav Shipkaliev, Ayten Manyera, Riz Khan, Ian Hardman, Angie Lieu, Dominik Swat, Darnell McWilliams, Kate Ruscombe-King, Jordan McLean and Shaila Alvarez.

In total, six chose to sign contracts and in some cases actors even had multiple offers for representation. Consequently, they’ve been able to get moving in the industry and begin their acting journey. Commercials, television, film, theatre, TIE, pantomime, corporate acting, voice over & radio – it’s all out there! In other words, exactly what they set out to do 12 weeks ago!