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The London Actors Workshop (LAW) has helped over 2,500 beginner and intermediate actors learn and sharpen their essential acting skills. Our courses cover method acting, Shakespeare, self-tapes, script analysis, showreel recording, audition technique with established Casting Directors, and more. Many of our actors have signed with agents and gone on to perform alongside Hollywood megastars. Curious? Watch the one minute intro below with course director and acclaimed stage actor Jon Sidgwick.

Intro to the London Actors Workshop

The London Actors Workshop - 12 Weekends Acting Course
Are you ready to unleash your acting potential? Whether you’re a curious beginner, a budding professional, or an experienced actor looking to sharpen your craft, we have the course for you. Click links below to ‘Learn More’.
1 Day Taster Course

12 Week Acting for Film & TV Course

5 Week Advanced Acting Class

London Actor Workshop Reviews & Testimonials

Well, that all sounds great. Well, it would, as this is the London Actors Workshop website, and we designed it. However, as consumers, when we invest our money into a product, service, or brand we’ve never tried before, we all want to know if we will get what it claims to offer and if it is good value for money. Investing into a dream or passion is no different; we know this as LAW is founded by and delivered by working actors.

At LAW, we want you to succeed, build confidence, and keep your passion burning bright. Our courses have done this for many actors before you, as you will hear from a small selection of students in the short video below.

Testimonials – London Acting Workshop

London Actors Workshop - Reviews & Testimonials

“I love this course. I am a trained actress and I honestly think this course is one of the best any actor will find regardless of their ability or experience. Come on, what are you waiting for? Be like a Nike trainer and JUST DO IT!” [Naomi Robson, Actor]

Get Signed by an Acting Agent

So you’ve seen what acting courses the London Actors Workshop has to offer, you’ve watched the intro with me, Jon Sidgwick, you’ve heard the testimonials, and you’re feeling curious. But you have one more burning question—will I get an acting Agent once I complete a LAW course? Truthfully, no one can ever guarantee that an Agent will bite at the first try. That said, what we do guarantee is to do everything possible to get you set up for success and set you on the path to representation.

How do we do this? Well, during our 12-week course, you’ll have three sessions with established Casting Directors, from whom many students have picked up roles over the years; we’ll help you create an online Acting CV/presence with Professional Headshots, and to complete the course, you will film a Professional Showreel scene that we will edit, polish and send out to 400+ Agents and 200+ Casting Directors on your behalf. Over the years this process has led directly to many LAW actors gaining representation!

Recent Acting Showreel Mailout Success

Edward Terry // Byron Xander – Jackson // Samah Adam // Cho Cho Khin // Vishnu Krishnan // Richard Tidworth // Chris Cordell // My Ly // Julian Folscher // Shivanee Talsania // Mark Cook // Dee Forrest //  Lorraine Brett // Casey Akpotor // Filip Ghinea // Jenni Sannia // Raelene Goody // Yvonne Jeffrey // Megan Green // Santosh Banerjee!!

Upcoming Acting Class London – 12 Week Acting for Film and TV Course

22 Sept to 8 Dec 2024

Our weekend course is split into 12 Sunday mornings and afternoons, at our Covent Garden Studio, 12 Wednesday evenings via Zoom and 3 Sunday Evenings. 

Practical Acting Skills – 12 Sunday Mornings & Afternoons

Across 12 Sunday mornings and afternoons we will explore and practically apply the following essential acting skills. Method Acting, Stage Combat, Shakespeare, Audition Technique for Commercials, Film and TV, Recording a great Selftape, Script Analysis, Improvisation, Sight Reading, Learn and practice Duologues and your own Monologue, Acting Communication and Listening.

Casting Director – 3 Sunday Evenings

On three Sunday evenings during the course, a working Casting Director will visit the class. Over the next three hours, the Casting Director will give advice on what they actually look for when casting a role. First of all, you will perform in front of them, with a prepared script or a script to be given on the night or sent to you to learn a few days before the class. Secondly, you’ll receive valuable feedback on your interpretation of the script. Finally, you’ll take part in a Q&A covering all aspects of the business. As a result you’ll be fully prepared when presenting yourself for acting work and know how to reach these vital industry contacts! A great opportunity to meet three casting directors over three evenings!

How to become an Actor – 12 Wednesday Evenings

We’ll give you detailed guidance and support to create your acting CV and market yourself to Talent Agencies, Casting Directors etc. You’ll have the opportunity to have your head shots taken by a professional photographer, which are crucial to making a great first impression in a highly competitive market. Having the skills and talents is one thing, getting seen and getting to work in the industry is another, let’s do our best together to make that happen!

Make a Showreel

Many Actors ask – How do I make a Showreel, or how can I improve my current showreel. As Actors ourselves we at LAW understand only to well how a great showreel is a vital tool to help an actor showcase their skills to acting talent agencies and casting directors. Therefore during the course you will prepare and record a Duologue and Monologue Show Reel, that we will send on your behalf to 400+ Agents and 200+ Casting Directors.

We say ‘ACTION!’ next on 22nd September 2024 – join us! It’s time to show the Acting world what you can offer.

“I have to say that the 12-week online course run by London Actors Workshop has been superb for both newcomers and those already in the industry. The course is extremely relevant to the acting profession today and is delivered by an eclectic team of experienced tutors who bring the programme to life with their skills, enthusiasm, patience, and motivation. Highly recommended!” Chris Cordell, Actor (Winnie the Pooh: Blod & Honey)

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London Actors Workshop – The Class of Sept 2023

Congratulations to LAW Alumni

Adele James: Lead Actor in Netflix’ “Cleopatra”!!!

Parker Sawyers: Netflix TV’s Pine Gap, World on Fire

Gugu Mbatha-Raw (MBE): The Cloverfield Paradox, Motherless Brooklyn (2019)

Howard Corlett: Emmerdale, Outlander, Starz TV’s The Rook (2019) and slew of other Imdb credits

Brad Moore: Gloves Off (Winner – Best Feature National Film Awards 2019)

Lauren Cornelius: BBC Radio Drama Company

James Henri-Thomas: Mission of Honour, Christmas Perfection

Chris Cordell: several British Horror movies inc. Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey

Vishnu Krishan: Malam (Singapore shot suspense movie)

Sheena Bhattessa: Eastenders, Thomas the Tank Engine, A Christmas Gift from Bob, Hitman 3

London Actors Workshop Featurettes: Angie Lieu & Darnell Williams

London Actors Workshop Featurettes: Angie Lieu & Darnell Williams

Why Do People Want to Act?

London Actors Workshop: Why do people want to act?

How To Become an Actor and start a Career

London Actors Workshop: How do people get into Acting & Start a Career?

Drama School vs Short Acting Classes

London Actors Workshop: Drama School or Short Courses?

How to deal with rejection as an Actor

London Actors Workshop: How does an Actor deal with 'Rejection'?

Do you need luck to become an Actor?

London Actors Workshop: Does Luck play a part in the Acting Profession?

What people are saying about The Workshop

“I love the variety of components that make up the course, lots and lots of different subjects covered in a hands on way, it’s like the perfect cocktail for the modern actor! The way Jon, the tutors and students root for each other on the course is the thing I find most inspiring! There is a strong value in positivity and enthusiasm in the Acting industry and the London Actors Workshop seems to have it in spades.”

Ghazanfar Karamat

“I love the structure and varied content of this acting course, there’s SO MUCH material jam packed into each week’s class that it leaves your brain whizzing around but in a very good way. The commitment, knowledge, enthusiasm and support from Jon, all of our expert tutors and fellow students is simply outstanding. I highly recommend this course and wish I had done it sooner.”

My Ly

“It was the one of the best experience in my life and definitely the best decision I have ever made because it let me see finally, clearly what I want to do and what is the correct path to achieve my dreams.”

Eliana Martinez

“I love this course. I am a trained actress and I honestly think this course is one of the best any actor will find regardless of their ability or experience. One of the things that has impressed me is the emphasis on building a strong support system within and outside of the class. Everyone supports and learns from one another. The online sessions midweek and the WhatsApp group help to strengthen the bond. This is by far and away the most diverse group of actors I’ve ever worked with spanning across so many backgrounds, life experiences and age ranges! It’s wonderful.”

Naomi Robson

“I had not acted since I was 12 in a school play and at 40 years of age I didn’t really have time for a full drama course and was busy doing stand up comedy up and down the country. I was recommended the London Actors Workshop’s 12 week program that takes a look at all the key aspects of acting and it was absolutely perfect. Each week covers a different discipline screen, theatre, method, Shakespeare and much more. The afternoons are so enjoyable, very relaxed and I made friends for life.”

Brad Moore

“It’s helped me get back into acting after eight years. I’ve never trained in stage combat so got the most out of that class”

Leah Foroozan

“Learned the differences between stage and television acting, it was great to have a TV director break it down for us. I learnt so much from that”

David Handley

“The detailed advice you get, even the smallest, most precise ‘criticism’, it can change the whole effect of what you’re doing, I really loved that”

Leona Andrea Sontag

“I learned how to properly conduct yourself working on stage and screen, how to prepare for scenes and how to conduct yourself professionally. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it”

Micheline Atobrah

“So many wonderful things about the course…a really taxing class with Val Colgan, in a good way. The weeks have gone so quickly, I’ll miss it!”

Aoife O’Keefe

“Really liked the session with Paul McEwan, learned a lot from him about working on ‘soaps’ and meeting the casting directors, getting inside information with no ‘dressing it up’, just the plain truth”

Natasha Evette

“A lot of highlights, Method Acting with Val Colgan to name just one but also the technical practical skills that you’ll need to work in TV. Really good value, it’s well worth the money”

Matt Graydon

“What did I get from the course? Of course, all the acting classes and techniques, improvisation and so on….. but then so much more, all the technical aspects of working on camera, castings, auditions, the business and industry knowledge, that’s why this course is so good”

Solveiga Kizalaite

“Fantastic course, helped me understand more about myself, opened me up to new ideas. If someone is serious about acting for a living and passionate about it as we all were, I’d recommend this course”

Anthony Adegoke

“Comprehensive, a really good platform for me to go forward. An honour to have Val Colgan on the course. Working on ‘Method’ is very personal and brings you together as a group. Combat was amazing, really useful class”

Shayne Drummond

“Brilliant, loved it, we did so many different things…..enjoyed meeting casting directors and industry people who told us how ‘it is’, stopped me finding out the hard way by myself. Good, motivating people behind us, pushing us.”

Kemar Downey

(can be seen in Direct Line commercial alongside Harvey Keitel)

“I am doing better than I ever thought I would, have shot a corporate video and the movie Bonded by Blood 2. Auditioned for the lead in a comedy short film. When they phoned my agent to offer me the role, they told her that I was the last to be seen and they had already chosen who they would have, then I came in and turned it on its head – which is quite nice!”

Karen Williams

“John Melainey gave us everything as a director, and this brings great results”

Petra Lindblad

“I met so many different people, made a lot friends, definitely worth doing”

Chloe Elise-Gurney

I can’t recommend The London Actors Workshop enough! For budding actors out there, this is the place to be. So much fun! Full of useful and practical advice about the profession and the craft…a wealth of knowledge to draw from! What I like about LAW is that is firm but fair…exactly what you need to mould yourself into being a better actor.”

Ankur Sengupta

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