Judith Quin Voice and Screen Test on Camera

Judith Quin is a renowned Voice practitioner who teaches worldwide. She studied at the Academy Drama School in London.

Renowned Vocal and Confidence Coach and professional actor/tutor Judith Quin takes us through a series of exercises designed to get the most from your vocal instrument.

She helps you gain the ‘presence’, essential for confident acting.

This is the final workshop class before the show case.

With this in mind, Judith took the opportunity to tie things together a little. She asked the actors where they’d like to be career-wise in the future. It’s vital to give this some thought. In other words, the importance of having a strong goal and a plan. No one ‘drifts to success’. Aim for work that will be good for you creatively AND good for your career.

Ahead of our show case we did a strong vocal and physical warm up. Clarity, diction and being heard is just as important for TV as it is for stage.

We then filmed quite long, complex, intense scenes from British TV Dramas.

We use scenes culled from BBC’s Doctors & Holby City, ITV’s The Bill and others.

In this way, we recreate a TV casting room with Judith giving direction and a second take.

After ten weeks the actors could employ everything, they’ve learnt so far on the course.

We learnt and revisited loads tips & techniques in the class.

  • Picking up pauses
  • Keeping the emotion
  • Making bold, daring choices, take risks!
  • If you haven’t learnt the script, then sight read
  • It’s better to be sight reading than trying to remember the lines
  • If you’re just remembering the lines then you can’t act or be in the scene
  • Have fun and…….play!

We the watched the scenes back. It was a lot less uncomfortable than it was in Week 4 with John Melainey! In fact, it was fantastic fun seeing how much everyone has progressed.

In the evening, Abigail Longstaffe from Mandy.com kindly came along for a 90-minute seminar. She was absolutely brilliant & answered all outstanding questions from the previous eleven works covering:

  • Show reels – how long? what kind content? how many scenes?
  • Headshots – cropping, outdoors vs studio, full body shots
  • Cover notes/letters – give all relevant information, keep it short and sweet, don’t simply copy and paste your generic reply message
  • Voice over reels & work

Thanks to both Judith and Abigail for today’s awesome class!

Jeff Jay says:

The London Actors Workshop has assembled a mighty cast of industry professionals who teach a packed curriculum, and some of them offer ongoing mentoring outside.

"During the 12-week course there are also a few extra evening classes laid on with casting directors and agency people. I knew nothing of acting when I started Jon’s 12-week course. Now, in week 11, I have some insight into every aspect of the industry, from acting itself in various situations with various methods, to the business of getting work as an actor. I even have a CV prepared by Jon’s team. The course culminates with a performance showcase in a London theatre (next week!), which gives credence and a focus for all the previous weeks of work. Everything to play for!"