Film and Audition Technique

During the Film & TV Audition Technique class we start to demand more of the actors!

We also build on Commercials week.

Consequently, John has another set of guidelines, similar but different in key ways to the Commercial castings.

The main work we cover today is a SCREEN TEST. We gave the actors a choice of 8 scripts to prepare in Week 2.

It’s not essential to have learnt it but above all, you have to try! From now on, we’ll be giving lots of scripts learn!

John acts as the Casting Director in the screen test.


We then watch the scenes back. Firstly, it is uncomfortable for some to watch, however, it’s something we must get used to. Secondly, we can learn from watching others play the same scenes. Consequently, a great learning curve for all!


  • Who am I? and then break it down into finer detail - Professionally? /Psychologically? /Physically? /Emotionally? /Socially? /Intellectually?
  • What is my role?
  • Where am I?
  • PLUS, TEN MORE detailed questions VITAL to your character and the scene

And if we’re feeling self-conscious about any of this, take a look at some interesting auditions of well-known actors. It’s not EASY for anyone, keep practising!

By the way, in this one, we don’t think the actors ‘failed’ at all, the production team just ‘went another way’. That’s the life of an actor….NEXT!

More excellent feedback on the course:

“For someone who never had the chance to experience such training, the impact has been overwhelmingly positive. All the tips provided so far have been inspiring in many ways. The first weeks taught us how to express ourselves with no shadows, how to act in front of the camera and, nonetheless, how to work together as humans.

Additionally, the peers have so many experiences to share and emotions to give. Each part of the lessons gives you the chance to feel your own emotions through a technical set of acting indications, while receiving your peers’ emotions as well. The environment this school has created throughout the years is wrapped-up in a beautiful artistic environment. It makes you feel like that is the right place to start if you wish to pursue an acting career. Or even if you want to challenge yourself further on in your life.

If you’re researching for one of the best acting classes in London, this could be the one you’re looking for.”

Mariana Balauca