Lucy Avison

“Brilliant day, very informative and interactive. I feel much more confident about […]

Jacob Shephard

“Perhaps the most efficiently run and useful workshop I’ve attended. Excellent”

Radhika Aggarwal

“A Rich and Varied intro to the spectrum of work accessible to […]

Patricia Keener

“If you want to understand what forum theatre and corporate acting is […]

Stephanie Wickmere

“I joined the Corporate Acting Workshop course not knowing anything about Corporate […]

Mike Long

“An excellent course in the company of great people; within 3 days […]

Leah Bullough

“London Actors Workshop is an invaluable course where you can explore, create […]

Albert Clack

“Three months after the course I auditioned successfully for an agent – […]

Leah Foroozan

“It’s helped me get back into acting after eight years. I’ve never […]

David Handley

“Learned the differences between stage and television acting, it was great to […]