Ghazanfar Karamat

“I love the variety of components that make up the course, lots […]

My Ly

“I love the structure and varied content of this acting course, there’s […]

Eliana Martinez

“It was the one of the best experience in my life and […]

Naomi Robson

“I love this course. I am a trained actress and I honestly […]

Brad Moore

“I had not acted since I was 12 in a school play […]

Claire Vousden

“…………really useful, fun and practical. We covered a lot of ground, focusing […]

Andrew Piper

“A fantastic thorough introduction to corporate acting and great value for money. […]

Julie Binysh

“A jam packed day, full of practical exercises run by knowledgeable courses […]

Vee Tames

“An outstanding insight into the world of corporate acting, with quality teaching […]

Lydia Cashman

“An all encompassing, confidence building day – Full of industry advice and […]