Ghazanfar Karamat

“I love the variety of components that make up the course, lots and lots of different subjects covered in a hands on […]

My Ly

“I love the structure and varied content of this acting course, there’s SO MUCH material jam packed into each week’s class that […]

Eliana Martinez

“It was the one of the best experience in my life and definitely the best decision I have ever made because it […]

Naomi Robson

“I love this course. I am a trained actress and I honestly think this course is one of the best any actor […]

Brad Moore

“I had not acted since I was 12 in a school play and at 40 years of age I didn’t really have […]

Claire Vousden

“…………really useful, fun and practical. We covered a lot of ground, focusing on relevant areas and I came away feeling more confident […]

Andrew Piper

“A fantastic thorough introduction to corporate acting and great value for money. I felt challenged and supported all day”

Julie Binysh

“A jam packed day, full of practical exercises run by knowledgeable courses leaders, highly recommended”

Vee Tames

“An outstanding insight into the world of corporate acting, with quality teaching and the opportunity to practice and develop”

Lydia Cashman

“An all encompassing, confidence building day – Full of industry advice and knowledge. Worth the price and more”