Advanced Course – Challenging & Daring Improv (scripted/unscripted) with Glynne Steele

A terrific group of actors back for Week 2 of our Advanced Acting Course!

All our actors had learned the lines of some very difficult scripts. Thanks for taking the classes so seriously. We always get more out than we put in if we prepare properly.

Another class which is so difficult to put into words, you simply have to experience it!

First of all, warm up games, so vital to an actor’s mindset.

You’ve just arrived via London tube/bus/train. Consequently, It’s very difficult to be primed and ready to PLAY/WORK in the ACTNG SPACE.

Therefore, we need fun and sometimes silly games to loosen ourselves up. Note to self: there is no ‘SILLY’ in acting. You need to find and keep the sense of play and daring.

All of Glynne’s games and exercises have a series of learning points. We play hard (always to the MAX! on a scale of 1 to 5) and the discuss and analyse what we’ve learnt afterwards.

What do we need to make the game work?

  • Do be brave
  • Develop a ‘golden time’ to learn
  • Have fun, find the joy
  • Be a generous actor
  • Be flexible
  • Go for it!

Glynne taught for many years at Drama Studio London, directs plays and is founder & director of ‘Dothinkdo’,, a leading actor development company. You’ll work with some fascinating improv tools, make fresh, daring character choices and push your boundaries. This is an exciting and energising class, not for the nervous!

In addition, Glynne brings a variety of exercises all about Communication, Receiving and Transmitting & Collaborating

Glynne’s Three Cs:

  • Commit (to Level 5, Glynne’s maximum level) to your scene partner and your audience
  • Collaboration (transmit and receive, transmission and receiving)
  • Connect (The truth of human connection)

If you overcommit, you’re being selfish, if you over collaborate, you’re being soggy.

Actors need to avoid doing their own separate thing in the scene i.e. not connecting

We work with some ‘simple but deceptively complex’ improv games.

The class is ‘devilishly fun and layered’

What is resonating for you?

Working with ‘triggers’ given by Glynne after each performance.

These are amazing ‘pointers’ for each actor that can take the scene in very different way or illuminate the true meaning to the scene.

Glynne joked that an actor feeling stuck was suffering from ‘triggermortis’ and an actor relishing the changes was ‘trigger happy’!

The actors became more aware of receiving, similar in some ways to Meisner Technique.

Glynne constantly asks questions to get the actor to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses, all with the goal of understanding more what they do and how to be more in contact as an actor.

The work got deeper and more detailed with our investigation.

The actors and the scenes became very, very truthful! Beautiful work, folks!


What do the actors take away from today?

Casey: Work on body posture, DO allow the lines to affect the way we move, connect mind, body and voice together.

Maria: We brought obvious choices to class. Glynne gave us different ones. Maybe we could prepare different choices and bring several choices to the scene.

Neil: Have choice of triggers, explore different options, body posture, work on not fidgeting unnecessarily. Be warmed up!

Rosemary: Receiving is equally valuable to transmitting if not more important. Be the least cautious you’ve ever been, you can always rein it in if it’s too much!

Ashleigh: It’s not all about you in the scene. Make your scene partner look good! Listen and react.

Christina: Commitment generates energy, it’s a short cut to getting it going.

Louise: Remember, on a scale of enthusiasm, a 5 (high) could be just a 1 (low) for the audience. Therefore, you must ‘stretch’ and go further than you have

Lysa: Be in collaboration with other actors. We’re taking away a lot today!

Harry: Mind System number 1 is your friend, embrace it! System 1 does so many things for you. If you use System 1 too much, you’ll have no creativity, no choices, not much joy, possibly? Could lead to complacency. System 2 keeps you powerful and alert although too much system 2 can be exhausting!

Lauren: Glynne’s GRID is great, totally refreshing approach and reinforcing the transmitting and receiving of acting.

Filip: Confirmed a lot of things today. Commit and connect - allow ourselves to do these things. Give myself permission. Expand the comfort zone to engulf others, create a partnership. My comfort zone is bigger than I thought, I felt comfortable in a way I didn’t think I would. I will seek out the ‘out of comfort zone’ opportunities. We can be overwhelmed with possibility!

Mark: Bravery – be brave! Don’t fear the fuck ups, need to shut the internal saboteur up!

Jeff: Acting is a very interesting activity, on all different levels. Today we’ve been working without props and costumes, simplicity. KISS, keep it simple, stupid! Simplicity is truth and beauty.

We often have to wade through all the ‘mess’ to get to the outside.

Keep yourselves fascinated by the craft and the industry.

Thanks again, Glynne, for another great class!