Advanced Acting Classes – Week Two

Judith Quin is a renowned Voice practitioner who teaches worldwide. She studied at the Academy Drama School in London.

Renowned Vocal and Confidence Coach and professional actor/tutor Judith Quin takes us through a series of exercises designed to get the most from your vocal instrument.

She helps you gain the ‘presence’, essential for confident acting.

Judith teaches worldwide and originally studied at the Academy Drama School in London.

Judith writes:

“Find & Free Your True, Whole, Voice…and You Can Liberate Your Life.

Did you know that your voice is a reflection of every experience or emotion you’ve ever felt?
Those feelings are held in your cell memory, so when you are in a situation where you’re unsure or uncertain about expressing yourself, your voice reflects the pain, shame, fear, trials, tribulations and barriers from your past.

Combining voice-vibration sounding with coaching can help release those barriers! When that happens, you are able to discover your true, whole, voice, the voice that reflects all you know and all of who you are today – not the version of you from the past that is stopping you from moving forward.


In class we work on:

  • clarity
  • diction
  • strength
  • intention
  • emotion

We also film scenes in new pairs paying attention to the intention of the characters and employing techniques learned earlier in the day

Check out Judith’s website to find out more about the exciting personal development and growth through ‘owning your voice’!